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Got Damaged Hair?

Damaged HairToday’s modern technology in the hair industry has given us many avenues to achieve new desired looks from perming, coloring and hi-lighting to straightening, blow drying and curling the hair. We all want what we don’t have, right?

With all this new technology we can achieve almost any look but what we don’t realize is that if not used properly we can really damage our hair. So how do we know if we are damaging our hair and if we did damage our hair how can we repair it??

Knowing if you hair is already damaged is the first step you must take. Here are some signs of damaged hair:

Split Ends
You can tell if you have split ends by holding the ends of your hair and if they split into different directions then your ends are split, hence the name, split ends. There is no way to repair split ends but to just snip them off.

Dull & Dry 
Hair that is damaged will lack in luster and shine and will also be very dry, almost like sandpaper.

Weak & Brittle
If you apply moderate tension to your hair and it snaps easily that is a definite sign of damaged hair. Your hair is lacking moisture and elasticity causing the hair to become very weak. Another sign is if you comb or brush your hair and you see pieces (not full strands) of hair on your clothes.

Hair that was once easy to style now is very difficult, frizzy and has lots of flyaways could be damaged hair.

Healthy hair is something our stylists can help you with. Call today to make an appointment with one of our talented and knowledgeable stylists. There’s no time like the present!